I'm Chris Balin,
a digital product designer
based in the Boston area.

I love building software
that solves real problems for real people.

Selected Work

Self-Service Portal Dashboard

Upon joining PowerReviews, I was responsible for designing a dashboard for the company’s self-service portal. The primary aim in creating this dashboard was to present high-level analytics, actionable items, and relevant notifications.

I also designed a set of styles to create consistency across the company's charts and analytics.

I conducted research, created mockups and prototypes, and ultimately built out a static front-end for the dashboard which was then handed off to the team's developers. The dashboard front-end can be seen here.

Review Overview Redesign

Redesign of the PowerReviews Review Snapshot.

Inventables Redesign

Proposed redesign of the Inventables e-commerce site.

Out-of-box user experience for Carvey

Carvey is a desktop 3D carving machine made by Inventables.

I was responsible for designing the out-of-box experience for Carvey in advance of the machine's launch.

This involved a lot of moving pieces, both physical and digital. I worked on user-friendly packaging, box design, art direction for an illustrated 'Quickstart Guide' booklet, and extensive usability testing to ensure that onboarding was as smooth as possible.

Interface design for Easel

Easel is a web app designed to work with Inventables’ 3D carving machines. The typical workflow for these kind of machines is complicated, involving multiple pieces of software to actually make anything. In contrast, Easel is an all-in-one solution for users to design in 2D, preview real-time in 3D, and easily send the project to their machine.

Working closely with the development team, I led all aspects of UX and UI design on Easel. This involved usability testing and user research, wireframes, user flow mockups, along with extensive front-end development.

In my time at Inventables, Easel grew from a private beta with 15 users to more than 60,000 users.

Machine assembly instructions, built with Jekyll

X-Carve is a 3D carver kit that requires full user assembly. It was essential that the assembly instructions be coherent, well-presented, and easily editable by Inventables’ Customer Success team (who created the content).

Using Jekyll, I built a site for the instructions, which are open source and hosted on Github. I also taught our Customer Success team the basics of Git and HTML/CSS so that they could edit the instructions without needing to rely on a developer.